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Welcome to the GLGA Classified Area. We encourage you to browse the ads for products and services placed by members of GLGA. Are you a member and interested in placing an ad? Click on the “Place an Ad” button below to get started. Don’t have a GLGA member login? If you are a member, register today for your username and password by clicking HERE.

All ads are posted by outside advertisers and not the Great Lakes Graphics Association. GLGA cannot give out any more information about the posted advertisements than what is displayed in the ad itself.

Jobs are not to be posted on the GLGA Classified Area. If you wish to post a job, please visit the GLGA JobBoard.

NOTE: The Great Lakes Graphics Association (GLGA) reserves the right to remove any advertisement that, in its discretion, appears discriminatory, unethical or otherwise unlawful, but assumes no duty to do so. Appearance of advertisements in web pages of the GLGA website does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the Great Lakes Graphics Association of the goods or services offered therein. Advertisers are responsible for the editorial content of these advertisements.

The Great Lakes Graphics Association encourages advertisers to answer all responses they receive to ads appearing in these pages. While it regrets any failure to respond to applicants, the Great Lakes Graphics Association does not and cannot control or monitor the degree of advertiser response, which is entirely at the discretion of the advertiser.